Manicure and Pedicure

I started the weekend off with a manicure and a pedicure since I was tired of my nails looking crappy after the gel they put on it for my wedding. Well okay, I suppose it was me tearing them off that really did the damage. But Anyway. Would you believe that I’ve never gotten a pedicure before, btw? Today I only went for it because there was a long wait, and I figured I might as well get my feet done in the mean time. They put you in a massage chair with your feet in hot water, and when they are done with your nails they give you a leg massage too. This time I went for a dark red color in honor of UGA’s first football game tomorrow! It’s gonna be awesome. I don’t have tickets this year, but I will probably still be paying attention – at least until I’m sure that we’ve crushed them as badly as we should.

I chose acrylics for my finger nails since they were too short and week for just nail polish.

What do you think?

I don’t know what I’m doing tonight, and Andy will be busy going to the game tomorrow, but on Sunday we’ll be going out for Indian food to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. It’s the same place we go every valentine’s day and special event, but I never get tired of it!

What are your plans for the weekend?


Wedding Pictures – Just Married

One of the first pictures taken of us as a married couple. Can you tell that I look a little dazed?

These next pictures are actually some of my favorite ones from the whole day (though I have a lot of ‘favorites’ by now, hehe). We were waiting in the back for our guests to go to the reception area, so that we could head back into the church for family pictures. This was where family and bridesmaids got to congratulate us, and the first few minutes that I spent with my husband. I remember that it still hadn’t quite hit me. I was just walking around with a big grin on my face and I had an overwhelming feeling of just being happy.

Me and my dad. He might actually have been the first one to hug me after the ceremony.

I think Isaac, one of the groomsmen, hurried to get us water as soon as we got back here.

Today is actually our 4 year anniversary as a couple, so I thought it was a good day for these pictures.

Aww, I love you.

One thing I have noticed while looking through all of our wedding pictures is how many of the details that I have just simply forgotten. What I remember more is what mood I was in and how great I thought everything was going, but I can’t for the life of me remember exactly when I decided to change out of my heels in favor of sandals. Not that those things actually matter, but I just think it’s funny how overwhelmed you are when everything is going on.

Pizza in Downtown Athens

It had stopped raining and the sun was back up today, so me and Andy headed downtown for a couple hours after school. I needed to go to the bank, but mostly I just wanted to walk around and spend some time together. And while we were there we figured we might as well go to Transmetropolitan for a late lunch/early dinner. We both love pizza, and I really miss the pizzeria we found in New York on our honeymoon – it was absolutely delicious.

Andy is pretty used to me bringing my camera with us just about everywhere by now, but taking pictures when we’re out eating is always just a little weird. Though the restaurant was pretty empty today.

Pepperoni, ham, and mushrooms. The only thing missing was garlic.

Btw, have you ever tried the pink lemonade air heads? They’re delicious! Hehe.

Blouse and shorts: Charlotte Russe. Shoes: JC Penney. Headband: Accessorize (in Norway).

Florida Outfit

This is what I want to be wearing today, but the rain is pouring down and I’m tempted to just crawl back into bed. These pictures were taken during spring break when me and Andy took a one week trip down to Florida. I really wish I was there now – the sun is shining (yeah, I checked just to torture myself) and I could spend the whole day lying on the beach. We’re lucky enough that we have two different houses we can borrow when we want to go down there, since my grandparents and uncle both have a vacation house in Melbourne. But I guess we’ll have to wait until next spring again…

Shorts: Macy’s. Bra top and shirt: Bik Bok (in Norway). Necklace: Accessorize (in Norway). Bracelet: Pandora. And the shoes I don’t remember.

You’ll Find Me With My Nose In A Book

I had a really lazy morning yesterday. I’ve gotten completely hooked on this series of books (called Discovery of Witches – yeah, I like the supernatural) and I just can’t put my Nook down once I start reading it. Reading really is my greatest enemy when I have things that need to be done, but at least Andy gets lots of time to play video games, hehe. So when Andy came home around 4 pm I pulled him right back out the door so that I wouldn’t get tempted to read just one more chapter… You know how it goes.

We went to Panera bread for dinner since eating out doesn’t necessarily have to mean fast food. Andy got the bread bowl soup while I got this chicken and fruit salad. Doesn’t it look absolutely delicious?

And since Andy had told me about these cheap shoe racks at Target we headed over to get a couple. It really was about time too, since we hardly have any space to walk in our hallway (ah, I can’t wait until we no longer live in a small apartment on campus – even though the price is definitely worth it). Oh, and please notice how I have 8 pairs of shoes lying out while Andy has 13!

Okay, okay. I actually have way more shoes than him, but the rest of mine are all tucked neatly away in my closet. It’s not like I can wear my heals every day anyway, but Andy wears almost all of his regularly. An obsession for nice shoes is actually something we have in common.

When we got back home we did the recycling and some cleaning up around the house, just so that I didn’t feel like I’d “wasted” my entire day without doing anything useful. If left to my own devices I would probably read for about a week straight before I realized that there’s actually a world outside my books too. Oh well. When I’m done with this series I really need to put my nook away for a while.

Do you have a “guilty shopping pleasure”? Mine is without a doubt shoes.

Wedding Pictures – Getting Ready

On the morning of the big day, all the bridesmaids were getting ready at Hardeman-Sams House, which is where the reception would be held later on (the guys got ready at the hotel). I wanted to make sure I had more than enough time, so I was there at 9 in the morning even though the ceremony wouldn’t start until 3 o’clock. It was really nice to have that time together though. To just relax, drink some champagne, snack, and put on makeup. Kaja, my cousin, also joined us, and my mom went and got us subway for lunch so that we wouldn’t forget to eat.

Madelen, my maid of honor, fixed this up as soon as we got there so that we had everything we needed.

Madelen’s outfit for the day. I also love how everything in the house has an antique feel to it.

I posted this one in a bigger file-size so that you can click on it and see the details.

I was finally ready for the dress! And I wasn’t the least bit nervous; just very excited.

I wouldn’t have gotten it on without the help of my lovely bridesmaids, Merrie, Madelen, and Lene!

I think my mom just realized that it was actually happening (it still hadn’t sunk in for me).

Everything was so unreal. We’d been planning for more than a year and now it’s about to happen!

And then all we had left to do was take some pictures and head off to church.

This is a random mix of pictures taken by Madelen, Blane Mareble, and Claire Diana.

Concert in ATL – The Milk Carton Kids!

Oh my god, yesterday was amazing! I might even be a little starstruck still. We showed up at the Fox Theater in ATL at 7:30 and got tickets and all access passes. We got seated (in pretty great seats) right as the Milk Carton Kids started playing the opening set. Andy’s cousin, Kenneth, is half of the band and got us our tickets. I only met him a month ago in LA (on our honeymoon), but then we also met up in New York the next week – we unfortunately left a day too early to see them play a concert in central park.

Most of my pictures from the day were taken on my iPhone, so sorry about the bad quality.

After the Milk Carton Kids were done there was a short break before the Lumineers went on. Is it bad that I liked both of the opening bands better than the main one? Not because they weren’t all great (they were amazing!), but I though Old Crow Medicine Show were slightly too country for my taste. I loved the atmosphere in the theater, though. Before long everyone were standing, singing, and dancing.

I took this when we were back stage waiting for Old Crow Medicine Show to start. The theater holds 4800 people, and it was completely sold out. It was a lot of fun to watch from back there, even though the sound isn’t as good as from the theater.

After the show we hung out with everyone downstairs where they served champagne and cake since it was the last concert on their tour. This is me and Andy with Kenneth and Joey in the Milk Carton Kids.

Back home (with my awesome signed CD’s), but still excited!

These were probably my four favorite songs from the entire night: Michigan, I still want a little more, Ho Hey, and Stubborn Love. Check them out!