Hello Blog World!

Hey, welcome to my new blog!

I’ve had a Norwegian blog for a couple of years now (LINK) and I used to love sharing my pictures and life events to family, friends, and everyone who were willing to listen. But since January my enthusiasm for blogging – and some of my enthusiasm for life in general – seems to have completely disappeared. So now I’ve finally decided to make a change. I’m starting over with a new platform and my very own domain, and I’m making some positive changes in my day-to-day life while I’m at it. I’ll be sharing my journey to becoming a better cook with new and exciting recipes (and I’d love any suggestions you might have) and my progress towards getting in shape with fun workouts. In addition I also love fashion and accessories and will be posting anything from outfits to my latest nail polish obsessions.

And you’ll of course get some insight in my everyday life, since I often use my blog to keep my friends and family (who live on the other side of the world) updated on what I’m up to.

And since I’m completely new to WordPress I would also love any suggestions to good blogs I should take a look at. I love to read about food, workouts, fashion, and so on – and I could always use new sources of inspiration!


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