Claire Diana Blog Feature

First of all, I’m going to apologize ahead of time for all the wedding themed posts that will appear on my blog this next week (or two). I have finally gotten all of my wedding pictures – from both the primary and backup photographer – and I’m so excited to share them!

But for everyone who likes weddings; stay tuned!

Claire Diana (LINK) was not my main photographer, but she came along as a backup and to take pictures for her portfolio and website. She was so sweet and fun while we were taking our pictures, and you can tell that she genuinely enjoys what she is doing. And now that I’ve gone through all of the pictures on her website (along with the ones she took at my wedding) I’ve noticed that she is also an amazing photographer. She has a good eye for pictures.

She posted a feature of me and Andy’s wedding on her blog, along with some of the pictures she took (these three are just a preview), so please take a look HERE! Thank you for the great work Claire!


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