Crock Pot Dinner

I love having a crock pot around for the days when I’m not in the mood to spend a lot of time cooking dinner. You don’t even need a recipe, just throw in all the things you have handy and it’ll make a great meal for you. I normally make it in the mornings and put in on slow cook so that it’s ready for dinner (about 8 hours later), and it never takes me more than 10-15 minutes to mix it all together. And I love the way our entire apartment smells delicious when I get home in the afternoon.

I added steak, potatoes, and carrots to the crock pot, and served it with green beans when it was done.

The spices. I used all of the onion soup mix, a dash of steak seasoning and garlic powder (I really have no idea how much I put in there), and four cloves of garlic (Andy and I add garlic to just about anything).

The end result – it was delicious! I did add some more steak seasoning, though, just because I like my meat spicy. Andy was a big fan too, so I’m definitely making it again.

What is your favorite crock pot recipe?


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