Concert in ATL – The Milk Carton Kids!

Oh my god, yesterday was amazing! I might even be a little starstruck still. We showed up at the Fox Theater in ATL at 7:30 and got tickets and all access passes. We got seated (in pretty great seats) right as the Milk Carton Kids started playing the opening set. Andy’s cousin, Kenneth, is half of the band and got us our tickets. I only met him a month ago in LA (on our honeymoon), but then we also met up in New York the next week – we unfortunately left a day too early to see them play a concert in central park.

Most of my pictures from the day were taken on my iPhone, so sorry about the bad quality.

After the Milk Carton Kids were done there was a short break before the Lumineers went on. Is it bad that I liked both of the opening bands better than the main one? Not because they weren’t all great (they were amazing!), but I though Old Crow Medicine Show were slightly too country for my taste. I loved the atmosphere in the theater, though. Before long everyone were standing, singing, and dancing.

I took this when we were back stage waiting for Old Crow Medicine Show to start. The theater holds 4800 people, and it was completely sold out. It was a lot of fun to watch from back there, even though the sound isn’t as good as from the theater.

After the show we hung out with everyone downstairs where they served champagne and cake since it was the last concert on their tour. This is me and Andy with Kenneth and Joey in the Milk Carton Kids.

Back home (with my awesome signed CD’s), but still excited!

These were probably my four favorite songs from the entire night: Michigan, I still want a little more, Ho Hey, and Stubborn Love. Check them out!


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