Shopping in Atlanta

Whew! Turns out shopping can be exhausting. I just came back from an 11 hour shopping trip in Atlanta with Maren and Lauren – it took longer than expected since we got stuck in traffic on the way there and it was pouring on our way home. We went to Nordstrom Rack and DSW, before heading over to Lenox Square Mall where we stayed until 6:30.

So this is what I ended up with – six full bags. Andy was a little overwhelmed when he opened the door for me. “Way too much stuff!” he said. But the fact that I haven’t been shopping at all for the last two months makes me feel a little better. And I really love everything I got!

I’m not going to take pictures of everything I bought, but I do really love these studded fall boots I got at Nordstrom Rack. Finally some nice shoes I can wear with more casual outfits. Btw, did you know that people give you really weird looks when you’re trying on nice boots (especially the high heeled ones) on one foot while wearing an awkward walking boot on the other?

I’ll show you more later, but now I’m starving!


Friday Night Dancing

I actually wasn’t in a great mood on Friday, and couldn’t decide if I really wanted to go out. But after thinking about it I figured “why not?”, just threw on something casual, and went anyway. And even though I wish I’d dressed up more, I’m glad I went. I actually ended up having a really great time! After meeting everyone downtown we headed over to Copper Creek for a drink before figuring out what we were doing. I love that Maren is now hooked on Irish Car Bombs! I have always loved them, and I even took one with her on my 21st birthday, but she definitely wasn’t a fan (I have pictures to prove it, hehe). It was easy to convince the rest, so we ended up with five irish car bombs before heading out again. One each that is. I don’t think anyone could ever drink five of those.

Then we headed over to the 9d’s bar, which is one of the few decent dance places in Athens. And, you guessed it, they only play 90’s music! For once I can brag about knowing the lyrics to all the songs.

Maren, Lauren, Theresa, and Natalie.

By now we were all way too warm from dancing in a room without air condition (if they have it, then it’s not working very well), but it was still fun. Also, notice how I’m always the only one with red eyes. Why?!

I was also trying to take “in-the-moment” dance pictures, but those didn’t end up even half as good as I imagined at the time… So these ones will have to do. It’s easier to take pictures of a non-moving target.

My Simple Spaghetti Sauce

Spaghetti must be one of the cheapest things to eat for dinner; which makes it perfect for a student budget. A store-brand box of spaghetti is about $1, me and Andy only eat half of it. A can of spaghetti sauce is $2, and half of it is more than enough for dinner. So there you go – dinner for two for only $1.50; or dinner for four for $3. It’s not exactly the most fancy food in the world, but it’s not bad.

However the other day I wanted a little more than that, so I mixed together my own sauce. I used one pack of ground beef, one pack of pre-cut mushrooms, 3 or 4 chopped cloves of garlic, half a can of Kroger spaghetti sauce (it was red pepper and garlic), and a bit of garlic powder on top – as you can tell we are both a huge fan of garlic, haha. But it was actually not very strong when it was done.

So, it might not look like the most delicious thing in the world, but we both really liked it.

I don’t try out new and fancy recipes quite often enough, but I figured I could still share some simple everyday ideas with you guys. I know that I’ve often used other blogs for inspiration when I don’t know what to cook for dinner. Anyway, today I’m going to stay in and take it easy since I’m getting up early tomorrow to go shopping in Atlanta with Maren. But I guess I might celebrate Georgia’s victory over Tennessee with a glass of wine! GO DAWGS!!

Celebratory pose? Eh, I don’t know…

Newspaper Nails

I found this awesome youtube video on how to make newspaper nails more than a year ago and had completely forgotten about it. My first try back then wasn’t that great, so I’ve given it another go.

The video says to use gray nail polish, and even though I really like it I, unfortunately, do not have one myself. So I went for a cheap white one from H&M – I think a light pink or beige would be fine too. Last time I ended up getting some paper stuck on my nails, so make sure you don’t keep it on for too long, but this time it came off nicely. The only bummer was that I think I put on a top coat a little too early, so the print is a little smudged. But it’s nothing you can see from a distance.

Next time I’m trying out grey, though.

If you try it out yourself, show me how it turned out!

Secrets To Being Organized

So, ever since I got married I keep getting these emails from Most of them I just glance at and delete, but every now and then I find an article that actually have helpful tips for my everyday life. THIS one was one of them. It was 20 tips for how to organize your life better – and God knows I could need that. Here are some of the ones I liked most.

Find a home for everything.
And return everything to its home after you’re done using it. When shopping, know where you’re going to put an item — whether it’s a piece of furniture or a piece of art — before you bring it into your home.

Pick a purpose for each room.
This allows you to set up each room in the way you use it. Sometimes the function is obvious (think: kitchen and bath), but many rooms serve multiple purposes. In these instances, you can create order by carving out zones.

Carve out zones.
In rooms with open floor plans, set up an office, media center, exercise area and so on. Use room dividers, such as a bookcase, open cubbies or a couch, to delineate the space.

Buy less stuff.
Some people are minimalists. It’s okay if you’re not. But never grab something because it’s on sale or free. Hidden costs include maintenance of the item (i.e., cleaning it) or the guilt of getting rid of it.

Keep surfaces clutter-free.
Follow this rule of thumb: If you use it every day, it gets to stay; if you don’t, put it away. Think about how often you use an item, and let that decide how much “real estate” it should take up on surfaces. Take the kitchen counter, for instance. Maybe the coffeemaker and toaster get to stay, but the food processor goes away.

Don’t wait to put things away.
Before dumping something on a table or chair, always ask yourself: “Does it belong here?” For example, instead of placing a coat over a chair, hang it up. It takes mere seconds. Bonus: You’ll spend less time looking for it later.

Choose multifunctional furniture pieces.
Look for furniture that does double duty: a storage ottoman that can corral magazines or books, a coffee table with drawers to stash the remote, a bookcase that can be used as a nightstand.

Keep everyday items within arm’s reach.
Place frequently used items up front in a cabinet or closet. Things you use less often, you can put up high or way in back.

Set up a home office.
It can be anywhere — kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom — but designate a place to park mail, bills, pens, and electronics (laptop, cell phone and tablet) and their chargers.

Reassess every so often.
Tastes change, and so will your lifestyle. Make a point to purge on a regular basis, say once a year or every spring and fall. If you don’t use something in a given time period, rethink its value. This creates an environment that you love — it’s your nest, after all.

Now I just want a house of my own where I can implement all the advice!

Burnt Orange For Fall

So, even though I love fashion, I have never cared much for what is “in” at the moment. However, what I am loving right now is burnt orange. I’m going shopping for fall clothes this weekend and I hope to find something similar to these things (Hey, fall in GA isn’t very cold after all – though I do need a scarf):

Color: Burnt Orange

Thursday Night’s Outfit

After two weeks of taking it easy because of my fractured foot, I was pretty much bored out of my mind. There are only so many shows/movies you can watch every night when you are trying to stay in as much as possible. So even though it was just a Thursday, I went out with a couple of friends last night. Just a couple of drinks to get me out of the house, and I had a blast. Then, since I got back home early, I talked Andy into taking me to Waffle house, hehe.

Dress: Amsterdam Boutique (in SoHo). Pearls: Macy’s.