Our Anniversary Date

Here are a few pictures I took when me and Andy went out for Indian food on our four year anniversary. I really do love Taste of India more than any other restaurant in Athens, and we always go there for special occasions. We always have a great time there, and this night was no exception.

A close-up before heading out the door. I posted the outfit a few days ago.

These soups don’t look like much, but they were delicious! Especially the fish soup to the right.

We ordered two different sampler dishes and the food literally filled up the entire table! We’ve tried them before and decided that they are definitely the best deal for the amount of food you get. And I love that they give you so many different dishes to try. I really do love Indian food!

We stayed there for a long time just talking, drinking wine, and snacking on our leftovers. By the time we decided to go and asked for a box they were already closing up. So we were pretty surprised when they asked us if we were ready for our dessert now. We had completely forgotten that the meal came with one! So they ended up just packing it up for us instead, because we were way too full already.

Afterward we went home, rented Hunger Games, and ate cookie cake for dessert. Yum!

Oh, and we had enough leftovers to have Indian food for dinner the next day too!


4 thoughts on “Our Anniversary Date

  1. Det der så aldeles nydelig ut! Synd at vi glemte å dra dit når vi var på besøk…..
    Tror det er en Indisk restaurant i Sandefjord også, så kanskje en skulle besøkt den. Kan du anbefale noen retter, da jeg er helt ukjent med Indisk mat?

    Fin sun-tan forresten… 🙂

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