Fried Rice

I’ve craved fried rice way too often lately, and it’s such an easy dish to make that I have to force myself not to eat it for lunch/dinner every day. And all the ingredients are things I have in the kitchen at all times. I use one bag of boil-in-bag rice (I use rice for a lot of dishes, so these are always in my cabinet), one can of carrots (I have canned carrots and green beans around for vegetables on a day I feel lazy), three or four eggs, how ever many jalapeno slices I feel up to (I think I would like jalapenos in almost all types of food – try it in a grilled cheese sandwich!), and a few spoonfuls of soy sauce.

Scramble your eggs and put them aside for later – I add some soy sauce while I’m at it.

Boil the rice and put it in a pan. Add the carrots and chop them up with your spatula (they are soft).

Add the jalapenos and chop them. I often pour some of the juice in with it, and add some more soy sauce.

Then add the eggs, mix it all together, and voilà! You might also want to try it with some grated cheese.

It might not look delicious, but it definitely is!


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