Blogs I Read

Now that I’ve had my new blog for a couple of weeks I have also found a lot of other interesting blogs that I’ve started following. I love how easy WordPress makes it to share posts and to find other bloggers with the same interests as yourself. So here are a few of the blogs I have recently added to my daily reads – I figured that if I enjoy them so might other people, and I might as well share them with you. Click on the headers to get to their blogs.
I found this one just the other day, and I’m already captivated. I love Linda’s outfits, and her pictures are absolutely amazing. I’ve always loved reading blogs that post great pictures regularly.
This blog is written by Julie and it is absolutely worth taking a look at. She writes about her everyday life in such a funny and cute way, you just can’t help but to smile. She also posts great workout tips and routines, along with recipes and the occasional outfit.
The name describes this blog well. Caroline posts regular outfits and seems to love clothes and accessories as much as I do. You also get to see some pictures from her personal life and travels.
This is a food blog and I really love the detailed recipes and approaches – and the pictures are also of great help. I think some of the recipes are still a bit out of my league, but I hope to try them all eventually because they look really delicious!

I will definitely add to this list as I find other amazing WordPress blogs, but for now you should take a look at these four. I would also appreciate any recommendations for other blogs I should read.


3 thoughts on “Blogs I Read

  1. You are so very sweet to include us in your list. I’m glad you like our blog and we have enjoyed reading your’s, too. Believe me when I tell you that none of the recipes are “out of your league.” Some do call for some very specialized tools, i.e. an immersion circulator, chamber vacuum sealer, etc., but most of it is just cooking. Thanks again for the very nice compliments.

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