Wedding Pictures – The Wedding Party

First of all I just want to thank everyone in our wedding party for being there with us on our wedding day. It definitely wouldn’t have been the same without you! I can only speak for myself, but it made me feel very loved and special to have you share this day with me. We had picked friends and family who meant something special to us, and some even had to travel very far just to be there for the weekend. And we appreciated it more than you know!

Madelen, my maid-of-honor, was definitely one of the most important people for me that day.

She had everything planned and helped me throughout the day. What would I do without you?

Merrie, Lene, Madelen, and me. Just an hour or so before the ceremony.

And the guys. I can’t help to laugh when I look through their pictures; more than half of them are silly. I still have a bunch of regular “stand-still-and-smile” pictures, but I actually like the others best. None of them are especially serious in real life so these just seem more real.

Patrick, Luke (Andy’s brother and best man), Andy, Isaac, and Nick.

This picture just cracks me up – I had to include it! It’s really just a bit weird though.

Pictures by Blane Marable.


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