When I Buy Boots I Normally Get Two

I am going to go completely crazy in approximately a week and a half. So look forward to a lot of weird posts just about then. I feel like the humpback of notre dame the way I’m waddling around with this boot on. Actually, I bet it’s quite a sight for everyone but me. I am even considering wearing shoes inside, because it’s close to impossible to walk when one of your legs is about an inch longer than the other one (you’d be surprised at how big of a difference that really is). The upside to all this is that I now how a personal chauffeur. Andy has promised to help me since there is no way I should be allowed behind a wheel when I can’t bend my right ankle.

Anyway, I guess this is a good thing. Now that I have a walking boot I can finally start doing things again. I still need to take it easy (no marathon’s for me anytime soon), but I can at least go out for lunch, or shopping, or just clean the apartment. Oh, and while I’ve been spending more time on my computer lately I’ve found several new recipes that I’m eager to try out, and a few new blogs that I really enjoy reading.


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