My First Appearance With A Boot

So, I’ve finally had my first public appearance with my wonderful new boot on. And by ‘wonderful’ I mean really awkward and out-of-place looking. Andy and I went to Kroger for a few groceries yesterday. I bought ingredients for the delicious vegetable salad I’m making today – or at least it looks delicious in the recipe pictures – and our ice maker has stopped working so we stocked up on ice too. Anyway, I might still be a bit self conscious about the way I waddle around with it on, because I really didn’t want to go until it was late and people were done shopping.

Oh well, I’ll get used to it. And the boot itself doesn’t really look completely horrible.

If I could just walk straight with it on I don’t think I would mind at all.

Oh, and here’s the picture Andy took when I was about to fall straight on my butt for being stupid enough to stand on one foot with my walking boot on. I was trying really hard to not slam my broken foot into the ground to catch my balance. No wonder I constantly hurt myself…

Well, this isn’t a real outfit post, but the shorts are from Charlotte Russe and the sweater from Wet Seal.


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