DIY Friendship Bracelet

If you haven’t heard of before, you should definitely take a look. It’s a website full of fashion and DIY ideas, and a ton of inspiring pictures. I even found a great step-by-step tutorial to making friendship bracelets that I had to try out (take a look for the exact instructions).

I especially love this picture that was posted to show the results.

She definitely has more practice making them than me, though. Because, as you can see, my first bracelet ended up a bit crooked. But it was fun to make, and today I figured I’d give it another go.
Since I was out of embroidery thread I figured “huh, I bet yarn will work just as well”. I was wrong. Turns out the yarn makes the bracelet curl in on itself while your working on it, making it a hassle to finish.

The finished result still wasn’t half bad, though. And the next time I’m at Michael’s I’m gonna stock up on some more embroidery thread for new, colorful bracelets. Even though this is more of a summer trend and it is now fall… oh well.


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