Wedding Pictures – Being Silly

Okay, so I was looking through our wedding photos (for approximately the 100th time) and just about laughed out loud when I found this one. The photographer had asked me to pretend to smell some flowers; and what did I do? I shoved my entire face straight into them. And it turned out that they were pretty much dripping with pollen, which meant that I had some nice yellow streaks added to my makeup.

What do you think? Should I make it a new trend?

I had to run back inside and wash my face before we could take any more pictures, but I still like the picture a lot. And the reason why is that we were having fun! Who said wedding pictures had to be all serious? In the pictures we took right after the ceremony I definitely looked a bit stiff, because I was nervous and not quite sure what I should be doing. But as the day went on and we took breaks to go outside for pictures, my mood completely changed. This was our day and I was having fun. I wanted the pictures to show how happy we were, and I am very glad that we got some photos that are pretty much just silly. I want to be able to look at them years from now and remember the mood we were in at that exact moment.

I also really like this one where I am laughing and showing Andy what I did to my face.

And I think Andy and the photographer might have been making fun of me while I was inside washing my face, because after this there are a whole bunch of silly pictures of Andy posing with my bouquet.

Do you agree? Aren’t the best memories from moments where you are having fun?


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