Math Department Picnic

The UGA math department arrange a picnic every fall where the new grad students get to meet everyone else in the department. And since Andy is studying math, I end up going every year. I honestly know more people in the math department than in computer science by now, so I always have a great time. Everyone brings a side dish or dessert (except for the new students), and the department supplies us with chicken and drinks. Today there was way too much food, though. I was absolutely stuffed by the time we left. It’s definitely a fun opportunity to meet new people.

This was at the very beginning, but I was surprised at how many people showed up.

By 6 o’clock just about everyone in the department were there – with spouses and children.

And then Andy and Patrick wanted a “happy couple” picture. Aren’t they hilarious? We all decided that this needed to be their picture in a success story about the dating site they met through, haha.

My casual outfit for the day. With my boot and the warm weather I mostly just wanted to be comfy.

Shorts: Hollister. Bra top: Pitaya. Top: Bik Bok (in Norway). Boot from the doctor’s office…

After we were done we headed over to Maren’s place to play rock band before we went downtown. I’ll post those pictures as soon as I get them. Some times I simply forget to bring my camera along.


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