A Couple of Old Outfits

I haven’t been posting a whole lot of ‘outfit pictures’ lately simply because I feel so awkward with my boot on, and so I’ve tended to just throw on something comfortable and easy. So instead I am posting a couple of old outfits that I really like – I figured it was okay since they have never been seen on this blog anyway (only on my old one). And, on a random note, after looking at these old pictures I think I know what hair color I want next. I really like the dark brown with a red-ish tint. Even though it makes me look paler that I already am.

Victoria gave me this top for Christmas, and I absolutely love it! I’ll wear just about anything with a low or bare back, and I’m also a big fan of lace. She knows me too well!

I got this dress on sale in Norway and I’ve loved it ever since. Royal blue, red, and black might be my favorite colors to wear – though I try to branch out a little bit.

I actually remember this day because it was the first time I had successfully applied false eyelashes. Why does it have to be so difficult? I love the finished result, but I hardly ever wear them since it’s such a hassle. And when I do I prefer half-lashes. Much easier, and you still get a dramatic look.


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