Forest Walk

I feel like I’ve pretty much been sitting still for a week straight now, ever since I started wearing this stupid boot. So today I dragged Andy along on a walk just so that I could get a tiny bit of a workout. We had to take it easy, though, because it is surprisingly hard to walk on uneven ground with a stiff ankle. Andy even saved me from falling on my face once. By the end (after about an hour) I felt much more tired than I should be, but it had also been really nice to be outside for a while.

This beautiful trail goes around a pond not far from our apartment. A lot of people use it for running and jogging, but it’s also great for a walk. We were even kept company by geese, squirrels, and turtles.

How cute is this stone peace sign? (Yeah, I know it’s upside down, but that’s how it was from the trail.)

Is walking on railroads illegal? We were wondering, but we still took time for a couple pictures, hehe.

Shorts: Macy’s. Top: Body Central. Shoe: from a small shoe and sunglass shop in downtown Athens.


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