Scrapbooking used to be my absolute favorite hobby. I spent hours and hours putting together albums during weekends, especially after I started college (wow, that makes me sound a lot less social than I am, haha). But a little over a year ago I pretty much just stopped doing it. I had the wedding to think about and I just didn’t have much motivation to sit down and be creative. So now I have at least four unfinished albums screaming at me to get started, and I have no idea what to do first. My godson’s album is one of them, and then there’s the college album, the wedding album, the one for the honeymoon, and so on…

I know these pictures are a little blurry. Somehow that always happens when I upload the picture in full size instead of cropping it to fit the blog, god knows why. I wanted them to be bigger so that you could click on them and see the details, though, because you can’t see them as clearly here.

I really love the first six-or-so pages of this album, but I never got around to finishing it…

I’ve been looking at scrapbooking blogs for a couple of weeks, and I’m hoping to get inspired. If you have any to recommend you should let me know, btw!

6 thoughts on “Scrapbooking

    • Har de ikke det da? Den finnes jo til min, jeg har bare ikke giddet å bruke penger på det enda 😛 En cartridge er jo bare forskjellige pakker hvor du får spesifikke ting som kan kuttes ut. Jeg har kun tre, tror jeg. De er dyre.

  1. I have a scrapbooking blog and you might find some inspiration there. Have you tried just picking some of your favorite photos and starting there? That may help if they are your favorite photos and the memories will make you feel all warm and fuzzy and maybe scrappy again. I took a break from scrapping after my daughter was born. Now my creative juices are flowing better then ever. Magazines help me sometimes when I need inspiration. Sketches might help and Pinterest may help you also. Sorry for the long response but I know that I’ve been there before and I was trying to think of all the things that helped me get scrapping again!

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