Newspaper Nails

I found this awesome youtube video on how to make newspaper nails more than a year ago and had completely forgotten about it. My first try back then wasn’t that great, so I’ve given it another go.

The video says to use gray nail polish, and even though I really like it I, unfortunately, do not have one myself. So I went for a cheap white one from H&M – I think a light pink or beige would be fine too. Last time I ended up getting some paper stuck on my nails, so make sure you don’t keep it on for too long, but this time it came off nicely. The only bummer was that I think I put on a top coat a little too early, so the print is a little smudged. But it’s nothing you can see from a distance.

Next time I’m trying out grey, though.

If you try it out yourself, show me how it turned out!


15 thoughts on “Newspaper Nails

  1. Vet du om noe her i Norge som kan brukes å dyppe fingrene i? Vet ikke helt hva det er hun reklamerer/bruker i filmen…. Men kan godt tenke meg å prøve ut den teknikken.

  2. Skal sjekke om de har noe slikt på apoteket! Neglene har vært både sprøe og “grå” etter at vi tok den behandlingen før bryllupet ditt. Vet ikke om det var utrolige sterke stoffer de brukte eller det at jeg hadde problemer med å bli kvitt det etterpå, og at det tærer på neglene. Men skal få prøvd ut dette før de neglene er utrolig tøffe!

  3. Hay girl!

    My answer to your question is on my website.
    I hope it’s gives you an clear answer 😉
    Besides I wasn’t planning on removing my account, just to be sure. haha.
    Btw haven’t you ever tried to make an blogger account, so that you can see the differences?

    xoxo Caroline
    Pick me an Outfit

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