Friday Night Dancing

I actually wasn’t in a great mood on Friday, and couldn’t decide if I really wanted to go out. But after thinking about it I figured “why not?”, just threw on something casual, and went anyway. And even though I wish I’d dressed up more, I’m glad I went. I actually ended up having a really great time! After meeting everyone downtown we headed over to Copper Creek for a drink before figuring out what we were doing. I love that Maren is now hooked on Irish Car Bombs! I have always loved them, and I even took one with her on my 21st birthday, but she definitely wasn’t a fan (I have pictures to prove it, hehe). It was easy to convince the rest, so we ended up with five irish car bombs before heading out again. One each that is. I don’t think anyone could ever drink five of those.

Then we headed over to the 9d’s bar, which is one of the few decent dance places in Athens. And, you guessed it, they only play 90’s music! For once I can brag about knowing the lyrics to all the songs.

Maren, Lauren, Theresa, and Natalie.

By now we were all way too warm from dancing in a room without air condition (if they have it, then it’s not working very well), but it was still fun. Also, notice how I’m always the only one with red eyes. Why?!

I was also trying to take “in-the-moment” dance pictures, but those didn’t end up even half as good as I imagined at the time… So these ones will have to do. It’s easier to take pictures of a non-moving target.


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