New Clothes

I know I said I wasn’t going to take pictures of everything I bought yesterday, but turns out I had nothing better to do than to arrange it all on the floor and photograph it. So here you go, haha. I ended up with two pairs of shoes, two pairs of jeans, three pairs of socks, one sweater, one blouse, one top, one cardigan, one bra-top, one facial night cream, one body wash, one nail polish, and one travel case for perfume. Wow, it didn’t seem like quite that much when I was buying it.

Am I the only one who always have to wear new clothes on the day after going shopping?

I really love these boots for fall – they go nice with the yellow and orange. (Sorry for the blurriness.)

Blouse: Forever 21. Bra-top: Pitaya. Jeans: Macy’s. Shoes: Nordstrom Rack.

PS: I only took the walking boot off for the pictures. I still have at least 2 weeks left in it… Blah.


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