The Hoover Dam

I’ve completely forgotten that I was going to post some pictures from our honeymoon (link to the description of where we went) – even though it’s quite a while ago by now. So I might as well start with the very best day of our entire 19-day trip! Our trip to Grand Canyon! It’ll be divided into several posts.

On our very first day in Vegas (on a Monday after 4 days in Los Angeles), we took a bus tour out to see the Grand Canyon! It’s a full day tour – we got picked up at 6 in the morning and got dropped off back at our hotel at 9:30 at night. Needless to say we were pretty exhausted by then, but it was definitely worth it. We started out with a quick stop to get our tickets and change buses, before heading off to the Hoover dam. We got to spend some time there, taking pictures, before we drove the rest of the way to the Grand Canyon (with a lunch stop at McDonald’s).

Can you see the white line at the very right of the picture (in the middle)? That’s where the water line used to be; it was a lot lower at the time.

The dam is extremely big!

It’s was really bright and windy, so it was kind of hard to get any good pictures.


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