Hookah and Chess

I like going on short “mini-dates” in the middle of the day. Just a couple of hours to hang out, talk, and have fun. Almost anything will do – a movie, lunch, or a drink at a favorite café or bar. Yesterday me and Andy headed downtown to the Smokers Den to smoke hookah and play chess. We choose the strawberry and margarita flavors, which are absolutely delicious.

I kind of want this chess table at home, but it’s huge and I doubt I’d have room for it.

But Andy beat me pretty badly anyway – turns out I’m no good at chess.

I think we stayed for about an hour and half, before we got takeout from Applebee’s.

We watched for Breaking Bad for dinner – I’ve gotten completely hooked on it!

It was a fairly laid back day, but we had a great time. Just what I needed.

PS: Hookah is a water pipe, for those who didn’t know. I’ve never smoked any type of cigarettes.


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