Silver Nail Polish – Sephora by OPI

I got this new silver nail polish at Sephora on Sunday, and I figured I’d try out something new while I was at it. A french manicure with a twist – red polish with silver tips. But I ended up completely butchering it instead… I put the silver on first and used regular tape on my tips before applying Revlon, All fired up. But the tape was too sticky, and I took it off before the polish was completely dry, so it didn’t work out.

I’m definitely going to try it out again though, because I like the idea. Online I saw it done with hole protectors, which I guess would be a bit less sticky than tape. And different colors would be fun too.

But I ended up removing it and just applying the silver base. I actualy really like it. It’s easy to apply and dries fairly fast, and two layers is all you need for complete coverage.

The nail polish is Sephora by OPI, Social Climber. I think it was a little under $10 in store.

Here is an example of an “opposite silver manicure”. I really want to try that next.


5 thoughts on “Silver Nail Polish – Sephora by OPI

  1. Um. The reverse french with the red? I am LOVING that !! I got onto the hole protector band wagon and I ended up succeeding ( took me FOREVER) to get the stickers down at the base and just paint a dark plum color over so there was just a bare, glossy half moon kind of thing happening. I got A LOT of compliments on it, but yes they aren’t as sticky, but I wouldn’t say it makes the task at “hand” easier..hahhhahaha.. I know. That was SO corny

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