Football vs. Florida?

Me and Andy are watching the Georgia – South Carolina football game, and by now I almost feel like crying. How can we be playing this badly? If we don’t pull ourselves together there is no way we are going to win this game. Oh well, for right now we’re still undefeated.

Anyway, instead of thinking about how depressing this is I am going to grab a beer and dream about Florida. We normally go to Palm Bay every spring break and either stay at my grandparents house or my uncle’s. And I love it every time! Summer, sun, beaches, and cute dresses. Ah, I’m such a girly girl… It’s only October and I’m already dreaming about March.

This is the pool right outside of my uncle’s house. And the beach is only 15 minutes away.

If I’m ever rich (when?? haha) I will definitely buy a vacation house somewhere by the beach.

Where is your most common (family) vacation place?


3 thoughts on “Football vs. Florida?

  1. Wow, looks fantastic! During the last few years I haven’t really had time for any vacation, I’ve just been studying and working. 😦 But at the moment I’m planning a trip to Paris for new year’s eve!

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