So, we were at Target the other day and Andy insisted on buying this Lord of the Rings lego set. It’s a set from the scene with Frodo and the giant spider. He put it together as soon as we got home – with a ton of interruptions from me since I was feeling a bit hyper. After that I’m sure he was trying to punish me, because he hung his lovely creation from the fire detector straight inside the door to our bedroom. And he knows how much I hate spiders!

I mean, come on! This thing is honestly pretty creepy. Especially in the dark.

Btw, have you seen the new fun Halloween effects on picmonkey.com? I’m hooked. For now even the premium effects are free, so you should take a look. I almost wish I was throwing a Halloween party just so I could make fun and dorky invitations with the effects. Haha. And yes, Andy, the spider has to go!

On to the next random topic that is swimming around inside my head at the moment. I got all the stuff I had ordered from Forever 21. Just a bunch of basic stuff like cute headbands, socks, leggings, and tights. And the random knitted bikini top that was just on sale. I’m mostly excited about the tights though. Now that fall is coming around I can see myself wearing them with a skirt and my cute new boots (as soon as I get this stupid walking boot of my foot, that is).

And my last rambling for right now: I really, really want this green curry chicken. Will someone make it for me? It’s so delicious! I always buy a ton of these Santa Maria spice mixes when I’m at home (either in Norway or Sweden), in all sort of flavors. It’s so easy to make too. I really wish they were sold in the US, but as far as I can tell they are only being made in Sweden so far… Do you know of any equivalent curry or masala spice mixes that are sold here?

Anyway. That was (just about) everything going through my head at the moment. What’s going through yours?


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