Today’s Fall Outfit

Okay, I might have been wrong. Today it is freezing outside, so I guess fall has come to Georgia after all. Andy loves it and I actually think it’s nice too – even though summer will always be my favorite season. At least now I can wear boots, coats, and scarfs. I can curl up on the couch with a hot chocolate and watch a movie (I just wish we had a fireplace). And I can start looking forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

But just because it is cold doesn’t mean you can’t dress to look nice.

I definitely needed the jacket for being outside, but I wanted to show you the outfit without it.

And with a warm pair of tights you can wear dresses and skirts all year long (even in Norway).

I really love these boots I bought last weekend. I only put them on for the picture, since I have to wear my walking boot for one more week – but after that it is back to heels and boots. Ah, I can’t wait!

I got a couple of scarves at Target (they are $12 each) the other day because I figured a colorful scarf has to be the easiest way to brighten up your outfit. This one is my favorite, it is so soft and warm.

I bought the dress in Norway. Jacket: Pitaya. Scarf: Target. Tights: Forever 21. Boots: DSW.

What do you like most about fall?


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