Gradient Nails

I came across THIS awesome tutorial on making gradient nails on and had to try it out. The blog also has a ton of other ideas that I want to move on to next, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at. And even if you don’t love nail polish, the colorful pictures are beautiful.

It was actually fairly simple. I used these three polishes. Melon of Troy from OPI, Minted from Revlon, and an OPI top coat. I wouldn’t recommend the top coat, though, it tends to smear the nail polish.

I didn’t have a regular sponge so I cleaned off an old applicator for facial powder and used it instead. It worked pretty well, but I’ll buy a sponge for my next attempt. And some new colors to try out.

What do you think? It’s not actually half bad. I just wish I knew how to take as clear pictures as because my nails aren’t quite as gritty as they might seem in these pictures.

PS: DO NOT try this on a Styrofoam surface. I did it on a plate, and it turns out the nail polish will eat it’s way through the material. Not exactly ideal, but I managed not to get it on my table.


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