Travel Sized Perfume Bottle

I got this travel sized perfume bottle at Sephora about a week ago. I hate carrying around a stuffed purse, and there is definitely no room for a whole perfume bottle. But this little thing fits perfectly.

It holds 55 sprays (though I only filled mine with 50, just in case), and you can see how much is left.

I filled mine with Refuge by Charlotte Russe. I just remembered that I had it lying around, and I actually really like the smell. Sweet and mild – I hate overpowering perfumes. But I doubt I’ll find the exact same one again since it’s old. I think they’ve already changed it.

Travalo is also a good choice (about $20). It refills a bit differently (so I don’t know if it’s universal), but the website says it’s aircraft grade aluminum with a shatterproof window to see how much perfume is left. It’s available in two sizes, 50 spray and 65 spray, and the large size comes with a travel case.


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