I Love All Things Red

So I was definitely planning on writing this post last night so that I could publish it while Andy and I was driving up to North Carolina today. But after going out with Ariana and eating way too much Japanese food in the middle of the night I completely passed out. I was so tired that I didn’t even remove my makeup, which never happens to me – just the thought of it makes me cringe, hehe. Right now we are back at our old school in Hickory, NC and Andy is giving a presentation to a math class. Afterwards we are headed to Mooresville to spend the weekend with my uncle, aunt, and cousins.

Anyway, here is what I wore while going out. I wanted something simple and comfy while still being cute.

My parents gave me this necklace for Christmas since I always stole a similar one that my mom had. I guess we both loved it because she wasn’t very happy about it. But it worked out well for me, haha.

Top from Body Central and jeans from Pitaya.


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