A Sunny Oktoberfest

Andy and I headed over to Hickory at noon to watch the Lenoir-Rhyne football game (we got our bachelors at Lenoir-Rhyne University). It was homecoming and Oktoberfest so there was a lot of people both at school and downtown. We actually didn’t end up watching the game, though. It was more expensive than expected and we had friends to catch up with. But it turns out we completely crushed the opponents. Afterwards we went downtown for some food and a beer. There are always a ton of booths and live music during Oktoberfest.

Have you ever tried a turkey leg, btw? I always have to get one at Oktoberfest.

Although I kind of feel like a savage when I’m eating it, hehe.

It was sunny and nice all day, but it is definitely colder here than in Georgia. After a few hours of walking around in just a skirt and a tank top I was pretty freezing and we decided to drive back to Mooresville.

Now I’m watching tv with my aunt and cousins while Andy is doing homework. Good night!


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