A Horrible End To A Great Weekend

I am so tired right now that I can barely even stand up. But we still have a plumber and a maintenance guy in our apartment, so I can’t exactly just go to sleep. You see, when we walked into the apartment after a three and a half hour drive down from North Carolina, we noticed a pretty bad smell from the bathroom. The bathtub was backed up and the floor was flooded – and it was getting worse by the second!

We called the building supervisor (since we still live on campus) and started fighting the water with towels and a bucket. He came over, but there wasn’t much we could do before a maintenance guy showed up 30 minutes later. We hoped we were finally done wringing up towels, which had already left our hands sore, but they couldn’t find out what the problem was. The main water line to the building is definitely plugged, but they can’t find out where. I bet they are as unhappy as we are, though, after working for almost five straight hours without solving the problem… Ah, I’m so frustrated!

But I did have a great weekend with my family before all this! I don’t see them nearly often enough after moving to Georgia. And I’m already looking forward to my cousin, Kaja, visiting us here in Athens.


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