OPI – Ridge Filler

My nails were very damaged after my wedding. I had gotten gel nails done and when they were in need of being refilled I just tore them off instead (I was too impatient to get it done professionally). Although gel nails look great I am actually not a fan – they are way too thick and unwieldy. And after this normal nail polish looked horrible because of all the dents and scrapes in my nails.

Here is what my nails looked like. I think I’ll stick to regular nail polish from now on…

So I used this Ridge Filler from OPI to even out my nails before applying regular nail polish. Some of my scrapes were too deep to completely cover up, but the end result was really good.

I still use it just to cover up my natural ridges, and I like how even my nail polish looks afterwards, so I would definitely recommend using it instead of a base coat.


One thought on “OPI – Ridge Filler

  1. Mine negler ble også helt elendig når jeg tok av det vi fikk gjort før bryllupet
    Merket også at de ble mer “skjøre” og brakk lett, så jeg har liksom ikke kommet i gang skikkelig å bruke neglelakk etterpå. Men skal se om jeg ikke finner en slik type som du beskriver her og bruke det som grunning på neglene

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