Product Review – Cover All Mix

When I was home for Christmas (in Norway) last year I got this all purpose concealer from the Make Up Store, and I have been using it regularly for the past 9 months. It has three different colors, but I mostly use the red and yellow parts.

I took this picture after about a month of using it. I have used much more of it by now, but I am still surprised at how much I have left (although I used it a lot less over the summer).

I have really blue circles under my eyes, so that was why I wanted to try this in the first place.

As you can see, the red concealer covers my blue circles almost perfectly; and you don’t have to use a very thick layer to get this effect. After I put on the concealer I use a powder foundation all over my face to make the concealer stick, and also to make sure my skin tone is even. I especially like the red concealer for blue areas, but the yellow one is also pretty good at covering up red spots (although it is slightly too dark for my skin tone during winter). The only drawback I found was that I don’t think it lasts quite as long as I would like it to. I normally put it on in the morning, and then I reapply it if I am going out at night. All in all this is a very good product, though.


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