Starting The Week Off Right!

I definitely meant to post this last night, but I was so exhausted that I just passed out. I had gone for a long jog, and since I always feel so silly when I’m running I prefer to do it late so that no one can see me, haha. When I got back I was starving, but you know how sleepy food makes you when you’re already tired. I am really happy that I completed all of last weeks workout plan, though, and that I started out the new week with another workout. That way the rest of the week should be equally productive.

The only problem I have had is that my right calf is very stiff. But that makes sense since I have worn a walking boot for four weeks and hardly used the leg at all during that period. With a lot of stretching I’m sure I’ll still be fine. Here’s my workout plan for this week (it’s pretty similar to last week):

  • Monday: Went for a long jog. Forgot to stretch, which I can feel today, blah.
  • Tuesday: More stretching (I am way too stiff, haha).
  • Wednesday: Strength exercises and use my Wii balance board.
  • Thursday: Use my Zumba Wii game to work out. It is surprisingly effective.
  • Friday: Take the day off.
  • Saturday: Go for another jog, or use my Zumba game – depending on how my leg feels.
  • Sunday: Stretching and strength exercises, or possibly take a break.

This is how exciting I am at the thought of getting back into shape! Haha. I love the feeling of having completed a good workout. (And, yes, I do look slightly retarded here, but that’s okay.)

If you have any ideas of good workouts that won’t hurt my foot too much, please let me know. I really don’t want to run too much yet since it puts a lot of pressure on my legs.


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