Halloween Costumes

I’m going to my first Halloween party in just two days and I still don’t know what I’m going to wear. Why is this such an issue every year? I think my “problem” is that I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a costume I am probably only going to wear once – I try to use a lot of the things I already own. Me and Andy are heading over to Party City later today to see what they’ve got though, and I’d like to have some ideas before then.

So I’ve been looking through pictures for costumes I’ve worn before. Mostly just for fun. These were all simple and “homemade”, and they didn’t cost me anything at all. Just the way I like it, haha.

And there then was Madelen’s birthday party where everyone dressed up as something that started with an “M”. I had no idea what to be that time either, and decided on a mummy in the very last minute.

I already have a blond wig (I have no idea what that would go with) and a pirate costume (which I’ve worn several times before), but that’s mostly it other than normal clothes. Let me know if you have any good ideas for a cheap costume, though. I want to have made my decision by the end of the day.

What are you dressing up as this year?


7 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes

  1. You have pretty nice costumes up there ^^ It’s a shame halloween isn’t as festive in Portugal as it is in the US. Here halloween is only for spooky themed outfits, everyone ends up going as witch, vampire or zombie, and it’s not that popular either way. We have Carnaval in February (like mardi gras I guess) when people wear all kinds of stuff and it’s pretty cool 🙂

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