Streetlight Manifesto in Concert

I knew that Maren and Lauren were going to Atlanta to see Streetlight Manifesto for quite a while, but I didn’t decide to go with them until today. Turns out some of Andy’s friends were also going, so he tagged along with them while I went with the girls. The tickets were only $26 which I thought was pretty affordable (although they would have only been $21 if we had bought them earlier). What was even better was that there was another concert going on downstairs at the place we were at, and we were allowed to go see them for free with our tickets.

We didn’t love the two opening bands to Streetlight – one played alternative pop (what is that??) and had a drummer wearing a creepy pig mask, while the other one played raggae (them we didn’t see at all) – so we went to see the other concert instead.

Once we had seen three pretty good bands downstairs we headed back up just in time for Streetlight to start. We even got some really great… eh… I guess I can’t call them seats since we were standing. But we were right up front the whole time.

Sorry guys, but I just had to post this to show everyone who hasn’t been to a ska concert how intense it is. People are dancing and pushing each other all over the place, and a ton of people were crowd surfing. As warm as sweaty as the three of us were, it was nothing compared to some of the guys in there. I guess that’s kinda gross, but all in all it was just a lot of fun!


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