Party Preparations

Right now we’re at Maren’s place getting everything ready for the party tonight. I have spent the last few hours making a ton of colorful jello shots while Lauren and Maren have been cleaning and decorating.

We ended up with 100 shots of these flavors (About 10 for each box). I hope people will eat them all!

Here are all of them. Now I’m just waiting for those yellow ones (lemon) to finish cooling so that I can top them off with lime. Lemon/lime Jello shots sound delicious! I’m also adding a red gummy bear in the middle, hehe. Can you see the vodka gummy bears to the left in the fridge?

We also got a keg of Oberon which Maren did a great job putting together. I’m still wondering how that is going to be for beer pong, but it did taste very smooth and good. I’m sure it will be fine.

In about 30 minutes me and Andy are heading back home to get ready and put on our costumes.


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