Help From A Stranger

Yesterday didn’t exactly start off great. I was in my car about to head to the store when the UPS guy knocked on my window and told me “you know you have a flat tire?” And he was right. There was a four inch gash in my back right tire, and it was as flat as it could get. It must have happened just as me and Andy got home the night before because we hadn’t noticed anything at all. I am no car wiz and really had no idea what to do at this point (Andy was at school and couldn’t help me). So I asked the UPS guy if I needed to get the car towed. He just takes a look and asks if I have a spare tire. I didn’t even know if I did – who owns a car for 5 years and knows as little about it as I do? – so we checked the trunk.

Turns out a small spare tire comes with the car for situations like this, just so you can drive the car to a repair shop. This wasn’t of much help to me, though, who has never even watched someone change a tire. But I didn’t have to worry about it because the UPS guy offered to change it for me! He just went to his car and put his “tracker thingy” to “on break” and came back to help me out. So he spent his entire lunch break helping a stranger change her tire – without thinking twice about it.

It definitely made my day after a pretty bad morning. Not many people would care enough to drop what they are doing and help someone they don’t even know. Mr. UPS guy: I owe you one! So I guess the moral of my story is “help a stranger”. Haha.


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