Date Night Outfit

Since we hadn’t planned on going out ahead of time, and I was a little tired, I wanted to go for something cute, but comfy yesterday. Maxi dresses might not be the most flattering thing you can wear, but I doubt you can find any dress that is more comfortable to wear. I love my purple one from Macy’s; it’s soft and of a warm enough material that I can still wear it even in November.

We did have a slight argument with the flash, though, which is why the pictures are a bit bright.

I think I got ready in about 15 minutes when Andy came home from school (which is a miracle for someone who normally takes forever). I put on a little bit of makeup and braided my hair, but I was way too starving for anything else. It was only the two of us anyway, and we had a great night.

I like wearing heels even with casual outfits, but I went with these low ones that I’ve had forever. I still remember buying them when I was about 16 years old – I thought they were so tall!

Dress: Macy’s. Bolero: JC Penney.


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