A Great New Week

Ah, I’m not normally a huge fan of Mondays, but this one is turning out really well. I think I’ll be getting a lot of work done, which feels amazing – I love it when I’m in a productive mood. Doing dishes, making chicken salad, and taking out the recycling is already checked off my list, and after going shopping with Maren (that’s productive, right?) I have laundry, the bathroom, and dinner left to do. For once I’m actually starting the week off right!

And I hope this week is better than last one when it comes to working out too. I didn’t post a workout schedule last week, because I was planning on taking it easy. My leg is objecting to all the activity after being stuck in a walking boot for four weeks. But I didn’t want to take the whole week off, so two days ago I ended up focusing on strength exercises instead. I think it was about time too, because when I woke up the next morning most of my body was aching. Turns out I have just about no arm muscles at all. What I need to work on even more though is my stamina. Right now I’m online reading about elliptical machines. We don’t exactly have a lot of room in our apartment, but I have wanted one for ages, so we’ll see what happens.

I’ve also been looking at different workouts I could do with one (probably while watching tv, hehe).


4 thoughts on “A Great New Week

    • That’s awesome. What kind? And is it loud? And what did you look for when you were deciding which to buy? Oh, and how much was it? Haha. I think I’m done now. I just really want one, but I don’t know much about them.

      • I think it’s Proform. It’s not loud. It was on sale we bought it for 350 dollars it should have been 400. That’s because of Thanksgiving. We wanted a treadmill but settled for this because we were worried the neighbors would complain downstairs if it was too loud! I love it because of the different workout settings on it. I don’t know much about them either!

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