My Latest Splurge

Me and Maren went to Target the other day. I was only planning on buying a couple things, and somehow I came home with all of this! That really is how most of my shopping trips go, tough… And the worst thing is that I didn’t even get what I wanted in the first place! (Which was a few new pairs of tights now that fall has finally caught up with Georgia. I guess I’ll just have to get them some other time.)

I also always end up with a bunch of smaller things that are all cheap, but that add up in the end (I bet I’m not alone in that). This time I wanted laundry bags for underwear and delicate’s – I really recommend them if you’re tired of hand-washing your clothes – but I also ended up with gloves, socks, and an acne body scrub (my skin acts up during fall, and I’ve heard that this will help – I’ll let you know if it does).

These amazing fluffy slippers have hardly left my feet since I brought them home. I think I’m in love. They are so soft cozy and will definitely keep me warm this winter.

However, my favorite will have to be this black shirt with a studded collar (although it won’t be worn hardly as much as the slippers). It is cute, casual, and comfortable, with a bit of an edge to it.

What is your worst shopping habit? Mine is to not decide on how much I’m spending beforehand…


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