Second Day in Charleston

I can’t believe we got back to our hotel before 6 o’clock. We had already been exploring the city for about 7 hours and decided that it was time for a short break and change of clothes before going out to dinner later. When we drove downtown this morning we stumbled upon a Saturday market that we stopped by. There was everything from fresh produce to amazing artworks. We almost bought a couple of photographs that were really impressive, but we ended up just taking their business cards instead. We hardly have any space to hang it anyway. Later we shopped, relaxed in the park, and walked through a ton of city streets. The buildings here are unbelievably gorgeous and I took waaaay too many pictures of them and the streets in general.

And we walked along the beautiful Charleston bay (the battery). It was a very nice and sunny day.

We also caught the sunset just as we drove across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge from Charleston to Mt. Pleasant. Our hotel is just on the other side because it was about half the price of living downtown.


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