Charleston City Market

We went to the city market both on Friday and Saturday to see everything the locals were selling. There were signs, clothes, jewelry, decorations, baskets, and so much more. Everything were full of colors and of great quality – I still can’t believe that I managed to not spend all of my money there. We even talked to a lady how said she’d been waiting in line for ten years before she got her booth, so it is obviously an important part of the city.

Oh, and there was delicious southern food everywhere, in and outside of the market.

There was also a shop for Christmas ornaments. It’s way too early, but I was still tempted to buy some.

There were people making these baskets and roses everywhere. I have no idea how they did it because it happened to fast for me to pay attention, but it seemed to be a popular craft.

By now we’re back in Athens again, and I’m sitting here looking through all of the pictures we took. I loved every second of our trip, even the drive to and from. I definitely couldn’t have asked for a better birthday celebration, especially since we also met Kyle and Andrea there – friends of ours from undergrad in North Carolina.


One thought on “Charleston City Market

  1. Slike markeder er alltid så spennende å være på, for en vet aldri hva en kan finne der!
    Og om en kjøper gaver eller lignende, så er en stort sett sikret at ingen andre har akkurat det fra før…. om det er mye hjemmelaget der da 🙂

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