Birthday/Care Package

We were planning on getting up early today to drive to Virginia to visit Andy’s family for Thanksgiving. But after going to Waffle House with Andy and Nick and staying up until 6 am last night, that plan kind of went right out the window. We’re still going today, but since we’ll already be late (it’s a 7 hour drive) we are taking our time.

This care package from my parents came right on time for Thanksgiving break, though. Thank you! I just hope we don’t eat all of it before next weekend – no promises, though. We’ll have a week of doing nothing but relaxing, spending time with family, and eating good food/candy, hehe. I’m very excited to go even though we’ve been doing a lot of driving lately. We always have a great time there, and I am also looking forward to Black Friday! Hopefully I’ll get some of my Christmas shopping out of the way.

Yum, I love my Norwegian candy!

Anyway. I’m going to finish up my packing, and here is a random celebration picture from my bachelorette party – Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


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