Nail Polish Crazy

Sooo… Me and Andy went on a quick trip to Walmart because I wanted hole protectors and tape to try out some new nail designs. I’m on vacation, so I figured I would practice a bit since I’ve found so many amazing nail polish blogs lately, and I’m inspired to try it out myself. I’ve also heard good things about Walmart’s Pure Ice nail polish brand and wanted to pick up a few.

Well… A few turned into many before I knew what had hit me… (They’re only $2 a piece, though!)

And I’m especially excited about these green ones. Aren’t they beautiful?

If you have any nail designs (or nail polish blogs) to recommend, please let me know. I have four days to test all of these, hehe. And I apologize ahead of time for all the upcoming nail polish posts.

PS: I have now updated the “Nail Polish” link under my header. It is no longer just a link to the general category, but a page with links to all my swatches and nail designs. Check it out!


15 thoughts on “Nail Polish Crazy

  1. How exciting! When you use the tape or hole reinforcers, make sure you tape them on your hand first at least two times (sometimes I do 3 or 4) to make it less sticky. Good luck! I can’t wait to see more of your creations!

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