Pure Ice – Femme Fatale & First Time

Pure Ice – First Time

I applied Femme Fatale and First Time on every other finger, but it is kind of hard to see the difference in these pictures. First Time was such a shiny polish that the flash wouldn’t completely capture the color. It is lighter than Femme Fatale and I also think it has a bit of lime in it. I like the color, but I really hated the consistency of the polish. If I brushed over the wet polish (even just a second after applying it) it would get lumpy and come off with the brush. And even when I tried to be careful and apply it fast it still went on too streaky for my taste. In the picture below I also used two layers of top coat.

Pure Ice – Femme Fatale

This one, however, I absolutely loved! Definitely a new favorite. It is from Pure Ice’s Velour Finish collection which gave it a more unique look. It went on easily and covered perfectly after two coats without being streaky. I tried it with and without a top coat, and it almost looks like two separate polishes. The top coat brings out even more shimmer and glitter, and I really want to combine it with a bright red for Christmas.

I’m also posting this picture taken without a flash, because I think it shows the difference in the two polishes much better than the previous pictures. What do you think?


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