Pure Ice – Treasure Hunt

The two darker nails has a base of Pure Ice’s Femme Fatale. Then I only applied one layer of Treasure Hunt before using OPI’s topcoat. It went on easy and dried fast, although you had to make sure to get some of the bigger flakes on the brush before applying it. I really love how it turned out!

On the other two nails I only applied Treasure Hunt. I started out with two very thin layers (which is how I normally apply my nail polish) before I realized that this would take all day if I wanted to cover the whole nail. So I added another thick layer and called it a day. It still dried surprisingly fast, and I finished it off with two layers of top coat.

I really like this polish by it self, but I think it looks even better on a dark green base.

I normally hate removing glitter polishes, but this one was a bit better than average. After soaking them in nail polish remover the polish came of fairly easy, and some parts even peeled off.


4 thoughts on “Pure Ice – Treasure Hunt

  1. Wow – det der var lekkert!
    Du som bruker så mye neglelakk og som skifter ofte, kan du ikke skrive et innlegg eller to om hvordan du holder nelgebåndene så fine og ellers vedlikeholder huden?

    Jeg sliter med at det blir tørt og huden sprekker bare etter å ha fjernet lakken et par ganger etter hverandre….

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