Happy Thanksgiving!

I haven’t had time to sit down on my computer until now because I’ve been hanging out with Andy’s family the whole day. (Well, we got up late so it was the whole day to us.) We ended up being 11 people for dinner, and I actually had a lot of fun catching up with everyone. I’m finally starting to get to know some of Andy’s family, after being really ovewhelmed the first few times when I met them all at once (at weddings).

And the food was delicious – even though the Talians don’t do the traditional turkey, hehe.

Now I’m snuggled up on the couch under a blanket, ready for a quiet night. I’m going to catch up on some blogs I haven’t read for a few days, play Civ 5, and/or watch a movie!

I also tried to make Thanksgiving nails, but after this step I completely messed up and removed it.

THIS was what I was going for, but it didn’t quite work out. Maybe I’ll manage it by next year.


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