Cleaning Day

Ahhh, this day did NOT start out right. After I got up I decided I wanted tomato soup for breakfast. So I heated it up and sat down in our living room to watch tv. But after just a few bites I somehow manage to knock the whole bowl off the table… It hit the floor and went everywhere. It even hit the wall behind the couch. If you’ve ever had to clean soup off of a carpet then you know what kind of a horrible job was ahead of me now. FML. Andy was nice enough to help me, though, so now we’ve scrubbed down about three square feet of carpet, the wall, the table, and the underside of the couch, before vacuuming the entire living room. Well, at least our house smells like lemon now…

So, I guess I might as well officially make this a cleaning day. The bathtub is already clean, so I want to finish the rest of the bathroom and then do the kitchen and the laundry. But first I need some coffee.


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